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People with Expressive Yellow temperaments tend to be positive, cheerful and outgoing. Relaxed, approachable, and confident, they are trusting, energetic and demonstrative in their dealings with others. Thriving on people contact, they enjoy meeting new people and are open and approachable, almost always preferring to do things with others. Possessing an optimistic outlook, they are talkative and verbalize their ideas, thoughts and feelings in persuasive ways. They like to be involved in a variety of activities so they don’t become bored.

More about Yellow personality traits

When Yellow is someone’s primary colour, they may also share characteristics with certain secondary colours which are adjacent to them on the Colour Compass, namely Active Orange and Connecting Green.

This means that they will, in different contexts, show behavioural traits that are more closely connected to another colour. The traits and intensities will vary from person to person.

Their contrasting colour, which they are least like, is opposite them on the Compass and is Thinking Indigo.

Their contrasting colours are most unlike them in traits or mentality. This can cause clash or conflict if one side doesn’t understand or value the other. However, the complementary nature of their strengths means that they can create a formidable partnership together if they can understand each other’s strong points.

Common Traits

Yellow personalities are naturally:

SOCIABLE – they enjoy being around people, in amongst the buzz of groups

OPTIMISTIC – they always see the bright side, full of hope and positivity

OUTGOING – friendly, warm and gregarious, they love meeting new people

CHARISMATIC – with an infectious personality, they are great company and good fun to be around

ENTHUSIASTIC – expressive with their hearts on their sleeves, they share their feelings openly

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