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violet personality

violet personality

People with Efficient Violet temperament tend to be private, practical and focused. Highly task-orientated, they make decisions purely on a rational basis and remove emotions from their work. Solution-orientated, they look to use time and resources well due to their value of efficiency and effectiveness over intuition or feelings. Natural improvers, problem solvers and troubleshooters, they are reserved and ‘cool’ in interactions with others, keeping somewhat distant and detached. They combine logical thinking with creative and original insight.

More about violet personality types

When Violet is someone’s primary colour, they may also share characteristics with certain secondary colours which are adjacent to them on the Colour Compass, namely Thinking Indigo and Direct Red.

This means that they will, in different contexts, show behavioural traits that are more closely connected to another colour. The traits and intensities will vary from person to person.

Their contrasting colour, which they are least like, is opposite them on the Compass and is Connecting Green.

Their contrasting colours are most unlike them in traits or mentality. This can cause clash or conflict if one side doesn’t understand or value the other. However, the complementary nature of their strengths means that they can create a formidable partnership together if they can understand each other’s strong points.

Common Traits

Violet personalities are naturally:

DISCIPLINED – able to relentlessly pursue the goals in their mind, they can be strong-willed and dedicated to their cause

FOCUSED – they can be tunnel-visioned, prioritising the things that will help them succeed in whatever it is they need to

PRACTICAL – they are most interested in the overall benefit and difference something brings

FIXER – solutions-oriented, they improve, better, and develop the things they are involved with to be more effective and beneficial

PRODUCTIVE – hard workers who want to achieve, they have a high energy and capacity for industry

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