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indigo personality

People with Thinking Indigo temperament tend to be objective, questioning and logical. Accuracy is important to them, so they are precise, pragmatic and task-orientated, solving problems with analysis after considering all the facts and data. This leads them to have high attention to detail, be critical listeners, and have a quality-oriented mindset. They are methodical, cautious, reserved, private and take time to open up. They tend to ‘live in their head’ and can seem independent, preferring security and safety over risk and change. This leads them to follow procedures and be the type of people who often set the standards for others. They are concerned about ‘being right’ and may avoid making decisions or conceding arguments if it will make them look ‘wrong’.

More about indigo personality types

When Indigo is someone’s primary colour, they may also share characteristics with certain secondary colours which are adjacent to them on the Colour Compass, namely Deep Blue and Efficient Violet.

This means that they will, in different contexts, show behavioural traits that are more closely connected to another colour. The traits and intensities will vary from person to person.

Their contrasting colour, which they are least like, is opposite them on the Compass and is Expressive Yellow.

Their contrasting colours are most unlike them in traits or mentality. This can cause clash or conflict if one side doesn’t understand or value the other. However, the complementary nature of their strengths means that they can create a formidable partnership together if they can understand each other’s strong points.

Common Traits

Indigo personalities are naturally:

ANALYTICAL – they think through and assess everything, seeking to thoroughly understand the information

PRECISE – exact and specific data is important for them, with the clarity it brings helping them form the right opinions

ORGANISED – mentally speaking, they are ordered and clear, methodical, and focused

LOGICAL – facts, data, numbers and reason are more powerful to them – passion or emotion aren’t convincing on their own

FACTS DRIVEN – perception, experience, assumption or perspective are secondary in their eyes to the cold, hard truth

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