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green personality

People with Connecting Green temperament tend to be warm, even-tempered and accepting. Highly relational and sensitive, they are happiest in harmonious teams and contribute to them well. Often positive people who like lots of social engagement, they prefer to serve, support, and help others and value both giving and receiving affirmation. Open, trusting and inviting, they try to avoid conflict and are more accommodating and cooperative than they are assertive. Highly empathic, people often feel accepted and understood around them.

More about the green personality type

When Green is someone’s primary colour, they may also share characteristics with certain secondary colours which are adjacent to them on the Colour Compass, namely Expressive Yellow and Trustworthy Turquoise.

This means that they will, in different contexts, show behavioural traits that are more closely connected to another colour. The traits and intensities will vary from person to person.

Their contrasting colour, which they are least like, is opposite them on the Compass and is Efficient Violet.

Their contrasting colours are most unlike them in traits or mentality. This can cause clash or conflict if one side doesn’t understand or value the other. However, the complementary nature of their strengths means that they can create a formidable partnership together if they can understand each other’s strong points.

Common Traits

Green personalities are naturally:

ENGAGING – they are genuinely interested in people, wanting to know them and their stories

ENCOURAGING – they offer words that affirm and encourage others, always building others up

EMPATHIC – they are sensitive to the feelings of others, and able to connect emotionally

SUPPORTIVE – caring, helpful, and considerate, they love to aid other people in any way they can

TEAM PLAYERS – harmony and unity are important to them, as well as the health and success of the collective group

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