Colour Compass®

the color code personality test

the color code personality test

The Colour Compass Assessment is the most insightful, accessible, and clear personality test available on the market.

Using the power of color, it cracks the complex code of personality by using simple and obvious traits to identify eight types of people. This means that Colour Compass highlights observable behaviours – the what – before uncovering why people act the way they do – the why.

When we know our own motivation and the motivation of others around us, understanding follows. With understanding, we can speak differently and hear what is truly being said, because we’ll be equipped with fresh insight to know what someone is really meaning. Misunderstanding happens when what someone speaks a language – whether linguistic or emotional – and what is heard is interpreted differently to what was intended. Colour Compass will help you learn the languages others speak, and how they hear your language.

Beneficial for developing personal and professional relationships, or learning more about yourself, Colour Compass is the solution you’ve been looking for. Gain insight, know yourself, and know others by taking the free personality test today!

the color code personality test

Want to see for yourself how accurate the test is?

the color code personality test

Colour Compass Helps You Know Yourself & Know Others

Red personality
orange personality
yellow personality
green personality
turquoise personality
blue personality
indigo personality
violet personality

Crack your personality code with a free test

The Colour Compass is a simple yet accurate self-assessment tool designed to help people discover more about themselves and others.

It empowers individualscouples, and teams to strengthen their:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration

Quick to take, simple to use, and easy to remember, this is an assessment tool that combines powerful insights with practical application.

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