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Colour Compass®
color of personality test

Discover the color of your personality through this free test

color of personality test

The simplest way to know yourself, and know others

There is never a better time to take advantage of Colour Compass and discover the color of your personality through this test.

You will gain insight and understanding into things about yourself that you didn’t know. You’ll see more clearly how others can perceive you. Knowing this will let you adjust and adapt your communication and social approaches as necessary. The result being a strengthening of your personal and professional relationships.

You’ll also be able to identify other personality types that differ from yours. You’ll be able to ‘speak the language’ that others speak, significantly reducing the chance of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

When taking the Colour Compass Assessment, be honest with yourself. Don’t select an answer based on how you wish you were. You’ll only affect the results and will miss the opportunity to gain valuable self-insight, as well as confuse yourself and others.

It’s understandable that some people feel very different at home and at work – ‘switching hats’ so to speak. Choose the answer that is closest to your natural instinct when you are most relaxed and ‘you’. This will assess you as you naturally are, as opposed to how you are when functioning in a role you need to adapt to.

Select the descriptor that best describes what you are like most of the time. Don’t overthink it – our first instinct is often our best.

Be prepared to select responses that might feel uncomfortable! Every aspect of our personality has positive and negative implications. If we try to ‘polish ourselves’ by only choosing the positive or socially acceptable aspects, we will miss out on truly understanding our strengths and weaknesses – which are our strengths over-emphasised.

Enjoy the Colour Compass Assessment – you are about to discover the true color of your personality through this test!

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