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People with Deep Blue temperament tend to be reserved, cautious and perceptive. Consistent, disciplined, and routined in their behaviours, they also value the same level of consistency and predictability from others, and can be resistant to change. Introverted, diplomatic and level-headed, they avoid conflict where possible. They can be meticulous in following rules and observing standards, and logical, analytical and detail-focused when they need be. They can adapt to different people types to cooperate and maintain harmony where necessary.

More about blue personality types

When Blue is someone’s primary colour, they may also share characteristics with certain secondary colours which are adjacent to them on the Colour Compass, namely Trustworthy Turquoise and Thinking Indigo.

This means that they will, in different contexts, show behavioural traits that are more closely connected to another colour. The traits and intensities will vary from person to person.

Their contrasting colour, which they are least like, is opposite them on the Compass and is Active Orange.

Their contrasting colours are most unlike them in traits or mentality. This can cause clash or conflict if one side doesn’t understand or value the other. However, the complementary nature of their strengths means that they can create a formidable partnership together if they can understand each other’s strong points.

Common Traits

Blue personalities are naturally:

THOUGHTFUL – they are reserved, introspective and internal processors, needing time and space to think things through

DEPENDABLE – reliable and diligent, they quietly get things done that they need to

DIPLOMATIC – they have the ability to say things in the right way, for maximum effect, without unnecessarily offending people

RESPONSIBLE – they take ownership of things well, committing themselves fully to do things to a high standard

CONSISTENT – not prone to emotional up and downs, they are predictable, routined and methodical

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